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BR Klassik

"(...) Andreas Mader and Christos Papandreopoulos manage to turn these figures towards the world, they become approachable, vivid, plastic. Through the equality of saxophone and piano, the succession of solo parts, the juxtaposition of bright and dark colors. (...) "

4 March 2019

Tiroler Tageszeitung

"(...) Seductive, frivolous, mournful, whiny, melancholic, earthy, metallic, sighing, aggressive, terrifying, vehemently gripping: With hardly any other instrument can the range of emotional states be better represented than with the saxophone - if one is able to. The saxophonist Andreas Mader from Jochberg draws on this abundance of sound qualities when, together with the Greek pianist Christos Papandreopoulos, he depicts the portrait of two legendary women on the debut CD "Lilith & Lulu" published on 7 Mountain Records. (...) "

3 April 2019

"(...) In all compositions, Mader shines with a phenomenal mastery of the sound. And together with the pianist he succeeds in fascinatingly exciting interpretations."

March 24 2019

Tiroler Tageszeitung

"(...) Gerald Resch wrote with" ... per speculum ... "(through the mirror) on biblical ideas, an effective saxophone concerto in dark sonority and atmospheric circles, impressively performed by the Tyrolean saxophone shooting star Andreas Mader. (...) "

1 October 2018


"(...) Soloist of the evening was saxophonist Andreas Mader, who even drew the audience to applause in the multi-faceted "Concertino da camera" by Jacques Ibert. In Betzborf, Mader also excelled in Roberto Molinelli's "Tango Club" with brilliant technique and great versatility. (...)"

4 January 2017

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